My Weekend

I am writing during the early part of the day for me. I typically don’t blog any entries until later in the afternoon or while into the night, but I am going to see Three Mo’ Tenors tonight in New York City at the Little Shubert Theatre. I saw them perform a couple of years ago at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC for the New Jerseyans), and thought they were great singing a range of musical genres from opera to rhythm and blues.

Now going to the concert means that not doing very much on the knitting and sewing front. However, I did pick up a new knitting book a couple days ago titled Knitting Patterns for Dummies by Kristi Porter, knitwear designer and frequent contributor of Her work has been featured in the Knitgrrl series, The Big Girls Knits series, No Sheep For You, and Knit Wit. Kristi describes her book as not a learn how to knit, but “learn how to knit better” book. The reason for me purchasing the book is to get a better idea of not just knitting the basic scarf and hat, but improve on my decreasing and increasing, and for once for all how to knit armholes so that I can my darn sweater or knit t-shirt. It’s a great guide for learning how to read a pattern and follow a grid (which I have not done yet). My goal is to learn and master the basic stitches and knitting techniques to create my own designs. For you all you knitters out there, Lion Brand has posted its first pod-cast, I listened to the pod-cast yesterday and thought it was great and intend to write Lion Brand to let them know what I thought about it. I hope they will do a pod-cast on how to knit a sweater (obsessing).

I guess that it’s for today and hey I love to hear from people who read my blog, so write a comment and let me know what’s going on with you or if you have a blog yourself for me to read as well. Do not be shy, it’s only a blog and you are more than welcome to your thoughts. Have a good weekend everyone!

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