More Knitting Projects Ideas

Today, a co-worker announced that she is expecting a baby.  This is means a knitting project for me to tackle.  I’ve only been knitting a few years and haven’t knitted anything for babies, so this is a great opportunity to challenge my skills by knitting a blanket, booties, or a blanket.  I have some thoughts on what to knit and came up with possibly knitting a cotton sweater with bottoms (pants or a skirt).  It’s a way to introduce myself with finally learning how to knit armholes, and work with different yarns other than wool.  I wouldn’t knit with wool this time around as it might be a great fabric for a baby for the time being, but I have entertain the idea of using bamboo, cotton, or soy because the baby is due in early spring and the winter will pass.

I have six months to decide, but time does have a way of going by us and before you know it the baby will make an appearance into the world.  I will know the sex of baby, so deciding on what color to use is another consideration.  This means one thing, a visit to the yarn store and building a stash, lol.   Another thought is sewing an outfit, oh so many ideas and so little time.


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  1. gosh, I am so bad, I started a hat for my coworker,,, ended up buying her something and the hat is still in my knitting basket,, can’t wait to see what you decided to make and hope you have more discipline that I do! lol

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