The Finished Product



After working most of the this weekend, I finally completed knitting the turtleneck poncho.  I like the poncho once finished and would definitely knit it again in a different type of yarn.  I made this as a Christmas gift for my niece ( her birthday is the day after, I have to make another gift).  The project is relatively easy since it’s knitting in the around, but you do have to change circular needle lengths and use double pointed needles to achieve the turtleneck.  Changing from the circular needle to the double pointed needles was a little tricky, but it just takes a little time for the first round and it’s smooth sailing from that point.   I did suffer from a little cramping of my fingers, but took some long breaks with no worse for wear.

I probably will take a break from the knitting front as making three knitting projects over the past three weeks.  Now it’s time for me to really get started with sewing some projects such as making a muslin for a jacket and skirt, practice buttonholes, waistbands and zippers.  I have some reading to do in my Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing.  Staying busy and focused on creating a wardrobe and making some Christmas gifts.


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