Little Ramblings of the Day

Today on my way home from work, I made the usually track to the Path train station to get back to New Jersey when I heard news of a possible bomb threat. Of course, there are two things that are going through my mind, one I hope it isn’t too serious, and two, it’s time to take an alternate route home. I was there September 11, and know that one should take things calmly in order to think rationally. While, I am there at the path station, people are thinking about how are they going to get home. I on the other hand, just walked in up north to next subway station and caught the A train to Penn Station to take the New Jersey Transit train home. It is a little annoying, yes but what is a person going to do. Well for me get on the train and knit.

I think that’s what got into the knitting as a way to quiet my mind, and just calm down for we don’t have control over everything. Someone once said that you create your own day, but I think it’s only partly true. We can only react to what the day brings us and knitting gives me a sense of balance of my life. I could have been angry today, I stood outside for an half-hour waiting for the bus to work and a bomb scare occurs on my way back home. But getting angry gives me a tension headache and isn’t very productive. Knitting on the hand puts me into a better moods giving me a different perspective about the day. Sure there were little annoyances happened during the course of the day, but at the end of the day I got a little closer in finishing my turtleneck poncho.

I think the poncho is coming along well. I did add a couple of inches to the poncho to make it a longer giving its total length 19 1/2″ excluding the turtleneck. This is my first knitting project that was not a scarf or hat. Slowly but surely, I am making my way to that sweater, lol.



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