Knitting and Sewing Happenings

Today for the second time in a five day span, I went the yarn store to purchase a couple of needless to complete my turtleneck project which is coming along swimmingly.  I was very good and spent no more than ten minutes in the store as the desire of purchase more yarn can consume a person.  It’s difficult to resist not buying yarn particularly when you touch a skein and it’s almost like feeling cotton (it also cost $32.00 per skein), but I managed to fight the temptation.  Walking in a yarn store has my mind racing of possible projects I can do like a skirt or sweater (I really need to get pass the armholes).

Fortunately, I work near a yarn store that’s about a ten minute walk.  My organization is moving to Soho and I will have to find another yarn store nearby the building.  But there always shopping online to find yarn, I usually get good deals on  I was thking about expanding my knitting horizon by working with bamboo and soy yarn, and if anyone reading this entry has had experience working with these types, please feel free to write comments.   I understand that organic yarn is all the rave, and buying sustainable knitting needles.  Actually, I purchase bamboo needles because I love the feel of them in my hands and learn a trick the other day from watching Knitty Gritty of placing your needles in rice so that can keep their shine and smoothness (I don’t know if it works, but it doesn’t hurt to try).

On the sewing front, I forgot to mention yesterday that I purchase some fabric a few days ago from Fabric Mart.  They were having a wool sale, so I purchase some navy gabardine for $4.99 a yard.  Of course I purchase eight yards to make a pair of pants, skirt, and possible a hat.  Blue is my favorite color and yet I don’t have any of it in my closet which is not typically.  I also received you my Reader’s Digest – Complete Guide to Sewing which I am thrilled about using for techniques.  I have the Complete Guide to Sewing by DK Publishing, and Sewing 101, but felt these books didn’t quite do it for me.  I would also like to find a good book on linings because I like to have jacket, pants, and skirts especially if the fabric is wool.  Well enough of my happenings for the day.  Thanks.


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  1. You will enjoy your books a lot! 🙂 I believe that Sandra Betzina has some information about linings in her book, Power Sewing, Step By Step. I’ve got that book, but can’t put my hands on it right now. Usually, you can purchase it from her website, but that portion is closed down for maintenance now. Perhaps you could find it in your local bookstore.

    Happy Sewing!

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