Finding Inspiration

This entry will cover two topics, creativity and sewing. I must admit that most of my fabric and pattern purchases have been online. This is ironic in a sense I do work in New York City and have a number of fabric stores to visit one being the ever prominent Mood Fabrics that the designers from Project Runway purchase fabric. Another reason for making fabric purchases online is I can find some very good discounts. I made a purchase from Denver Fabrics for some raincoat fabric and lining. Getting 4 yards of rain wear poplin, 4 yards of brushed rain wear gabardine, and 4 yards of rayon twill lining for $25.50 plus $10.47 for shipping is what I considered a pretty good deal.

Now I can make a couple of trench coats from the McCall’s 5525 pattern I purchased a couple of weeks ago.  I purchase the pattern after seeing it on Erica’s DYI Style blog, and the idea of making a trench coat that does not drag on the ground and is some other color than black.  I also browse the pattern websites to see if anything excites me.  My inspiration for fashion does come reading magazines such as Glamour or In Style to see the colors or trends for the season.  I am amazed that most of the things in department stores or magazines I could make myself just by learning the basic skills of sewing and incorporating a personal style.  A co-worker at work wore a white cotton dress with a white slash, and buttons bordered at the hem of her dress.  That gave me the idea of sewing a simple dress and embellish by adding a slash and something at the bottom to give it interest making it your own creation.

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  1. Once you go into a fabric store and “pet” some fabric, you’ll really be hooked on sewing and creating! 🙂 I find that sometimes a little fabric therapy can work wonders! When you purchase some fabric and get it prepared, then you’re ready for some sewing therapy!

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