The Knitting Mode

Lately, I have been in the knitting mode and think the reason may be fall has come.  Yesterday, I completed a multi-colored skinny scarf, and finishing up a charcoal wool hat intended for my nephew from last winter.  I also made a trip to the yarn that’s within proximity of my office and purchased seven skeins of Aussi wool to make a poncho.  It was the suggestion of the salesperson to purchase the cheaper wool to make the poncho.  It was not intention to make a long poncho because I am only 5’4” and do not want to appear wider than perceived.  I wanted to make cape with a turtleneck.  So she talked me into purchasing a pattern book to make the poncho which she told me was knitted in the round, but upon reading the directions I discovered that this is not the case.  In addition, I think that pattern looks better with a wool/mohair mix yarn.  

I am not blaming the salesperson because I should have gone with my initial plan of knitting the turtleneck poncho that I saw in a Classic Elite ad, but I found a similar pattern from Moda Dea’s website with using the yarn I purchased (pictured above).  I am not going to return the pattern book as there is a sweater I would like to attempt to knit including some scarf patterns that are nice as well, so all is not lost.  I like the pattern so much that I am going to knit another in a charcoal, and venture out more and knit my first skirt from the fall issue of Knitter’s Universe.  Yes my knitting frenzy has begun and hope to complete them by the end of November in addition to a couplescarf/shawl projects I meant to do last year as well. 

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