Sewing Season

The answer is yes, I am posting another entry to my blog in the same day, but I’ve been a little busy with knitting and came up with an idea for a story (in the process of writing).  Yesterday, I received a couple of Vogue Pattterns that I ordered a few days ago.  I think I have enough patterns to work for a while (approximately 25), but wanted to get a hat pattern. I went overbroad with purchasing so many patterns when I am new a sewing, but the patterns I choose are easy to sew and it’s my goal to create a wardrobe.

image of V8440

My next pattern, I wanted to find something that would go with a blue/black tweed fabric I purchased a few weeks ago, but wanted it a simple yet elegant and stylish look.  I brought Vogue Pattern magazine with the pattern done in tweed and it became an aha moment for me as I like my clothes to have a look being well put together with minimal effort and doesn’t take all day (I hate getting up in the mornings asking myself what to wear).

image of V2864

I am thinking about sewing the jacket and skirt in the blue/black tweed, and the dress in a black gabardine wool or wool flannel (I haven’t made a decision yet).  I have some cotton tweed that sew the same dress for the spring/summer season.  That’s something to consider sewing some the favorite classic pieces I like and tailoring them for fall/winter and spring/summer.  Well I think I am going to be very busy with sewing, crocheting/knitting, and with ever else that comes.  I promised myself to get back into reading books after three years of studying and writing papers.  I have a revelation about myself and that’s the need to stay busy (and wearing pjs all day on the Sundays).  I am exciting about learning how to sew and getting back into fashion as I can sometimes get too serious without taking the time for hobbies that relax and make me look good at the same time.  I am also still waiting for the book I order, Reader’s Digest, The Complete Guide to Sewing for techniques to include in my sewing.  Well Happy Sewing Season everyone!


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  1. You are very ambitious for a beginning sewer! I wasn’t quite that brave when I first started sewing. You will really enjoy the book that you ordered. It’s a great book and has helped me a lot! I’ve used my copy so much that some of the pages are literally falling out! 😉

    I do hope you share pictures of your new creations. 🙂

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