Birthday Thoughts

Today is my birthday.  That’s right, I am another year older and hopefully wiser (at least I like to think).  Of course one thinks about the things he or she has not or has yet to do.  At 42, I decided to start some new interests like sewing which only seemed natural after learning how to knit a couple of years ago.  Yes, after many years, the creative side has finally decided to shine through and it’s a great feeling.

So keeping active both body, mind, and soul will what I have hope give me happiness and peace.  It is my wish to continue living the best life possible no matter how long that might be as tomorrow isn’t promised to anyway, but it is how we live is important.  I must try to new things and challenge myself further before, and not live in a state of regret as that will not make me go forward in life.  Keep in mind that I should be kind to myself and others, and yes smile.

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