The Jane Austen Book Club

One of the peaks of my job at the radio station is that I am sometimes privy to certain events like concerts, plays, and movies.  I had an opportunity to see the advance screening of The Jane Austen Book Club.  The story is an adaption of the book of the same title which I encourage anyone to read as well.  The story evolves around six people in the book club and how their modern lives closely parallel to Jane Austen’s novels.  The club decides to read all six books of Jane Austen which takes place over the course of six months.  It is the during the six months that you can see the characters closely resemble the characters in the Austen novels.

I enjoyed the movies the evolution of the characters as they unfold over the six month period.  You will see complex relationships between friends, spouses, lovers, and children.  The movie is genuinely funny and one watching the film will like the characters with the interest of reading all the Jane Austen books myself to see how her 19th century perspective can be relevant in a 21st century contemporary world.  The movie starts this Friday in New York and Los Angeles, and possibly in wider release in a couple of weeks (don’t hold me to that), but if you are looking for good and enjoyable movie that puts in a good mood, The Jane Austen Book Club is probably the film for you.


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