Friends with Money

I decided to add another category to my blog, movie reviews.  Now there will be times when the movie I watch is more than a year such like the movie I am going to discuss in this entry.  The other night, I watched the movie Friends with Money with Jennifer Aniston, Joan Cusack, Christine Keener, and Frances  McDormand as long-time friends. Aniston’s character, Olivia works as a maid while her other friends live comfortably as a stay-home mom with a trust fund, a successful television writer, and a fashion designer respectively.  The movie ran for 88 minutes and wonder if that was the decision of director or did the budget run out because the storyline of the women’s lives were not well-defined.

Perhaps director assumed that movie viewer was the an amazing mind reader that knows what happens to the women.  Another question came to mind about the main character Olivia who doesn’t seem to fit or have anything in common with the other women.  I thought the concept of the movie was interesting, but it just didn’t seem finished or did I leave with a clear sense of what the director and writer wanted to convey.  I suppose the point of the movie was about a group of very neurotic friends all of which made dubious decision in their choices of boyfriends and husbands.

I can said one positive experience came from watching the movie is that it was on cable and didn’t have physically travel to a movie theater and spend $10.00 to see it.  I find it unfortunate that the potential of the movie was squandered and ended up with a disjointed film and left me in a state of confusion what happened to the characters and should I even care.


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