The Process

p1010001.jpgWell tonight, I came home from work and decided to prep my butterfly fabric for a pair of pajamas. It’s my first time making pants, but have confidence that they will turn out well and if they do not, no one will see me in them because it’s bed wear. It didn’t take me long to wash the fabric, dry them, and iron them, but realize that the process is very relaxing for me. I know that there are plenty of people who do not like doing laundry and ironing, but I do enjoy as it a stress reliever. This is the first part of making my pajamas pants and tomorrow I will lay my fabric and pattern to cut.

The butterfly fabric was not my first choice at the fabric store the other day as there was not enough fabric with my first choice, but I do like the butterflies and colors (wearing gray to bed can be dull). But more importantly, the pattern on the fabric gives me inspiration to not only look good during the day, but at night as well (even without the significant other). Another reason for doing the pajamas is pragmatic practice, practice, practice sewing! Yes, I like practicing as it will only make be a better sewer in the end to create my clothing collection. I think this process will give me what I need to lose some weight (yes I can afford to lose some pounds), and another skill of altering my existing clothes in the closet. I think sewing for me serves a dual purpose, create a wardrobe and altering existing clothes as way of not wasting and doing my part for the environment. I am making the world a greener, who knew.


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