Sewing Projects

Back in June, I decided to learn how to sew after getting the knitting bug a few years ago. The motivation beyond learning to sew is I wanted to create a wardrobe that suited my personality and style. Of course my wardrobe would consist of many classic pieces and neutral colors with a couple of pieces of a pair of black jacket, skirt and trousers as the mainstay.

I also did not want to look dishevel and dowdy as appearance is important, and no one can see true you looking inside.  Mind you now, I can bit of a perfectionist and will create a mock muslin before the actual sewing project as a way to practice and correct any mistakes willing make the mock (It’s worth it in the long run). ant to feel great on the outside as no one can really see the inside. So, I order a Brother’s sewing machine for less than $85.00 and started practicing sewing stitches, learning to use the machine, and reading instruction manuals on sewing. I went a little pattern crazy with purchasing more than 15 patterns to get myself started. I chose the patterns that would fit my body type.


Along with the patterns, I managed to order and purchase some fabric for the different seasons. I ordered no more than five yards anyone particular fabric. I purchased five yards of the black cotton twill fabric to make a basic black straight skirt and black trousers for the spring and summer. I caught a nice deal of some stretch denim for the classic trousers to add to my wardrobe collection. Slowly but surely my collection will come together and I will have wardrobe of my desire including the coat (perhaps I will learn to make next year). The butterfly pattern on the top fabric will be a pair of pajamas bottoms for my next sewing project. This process of learning how to sew and creating my wardrobe collection has spark a lot of imagination and inspiration within me that just makes my day a little easier. It’s the littlest things that makes us happy.

Fabric Collection

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