Summer’s End

Swan Lake

I took this photo on a trip to South Carolina for a family gathering in Sumter. The event took place at Swan Lake as you can see by the photo how the lake earned its name. I thought about this as summer is fast approaching as kids return to school, back to work from our extended vacations, and a reminder the 2007 is coming to a close and before you know it people will be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The swan, a beautiful bird that moves elegantly and gracefully across the water. What a magnificent symbol of summer watching a flock of swan move across the water with great symmetry. It is also a reminder that summer is fleeting and a need to hold to those memories when winter comes and you long for a nice warm day. However, the end of summer is another opportunity for other things like writing that book you promised to write for years, knit a new scarf and hat set, or read that classic novel you didn’t read because you were working on your tan at the beach. The end of summer can show promise of meeting new friends, having dinner with friends, or probably just losing some weight. The to do list is endless and look forward to creating in the fall and winter.


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