What is Style?

I watched the preview show of Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style as he and Veronica Webb help a 41 year-old mother and wife with finding her style underneath too much make-up and wearing too many revealing clothes to keep her sexiness (her look a turn of sluthly than sexy). I understand a woman wanting to exude her sexiness and allow the inner siren to come out. However, some women do not realize that being sexy is a state of mind and it does come through than the clothes aren’t going to make any difference.

There is a question that we should individually ask ourselves, what is style, better yet how can discover our personal style. I have a confession to make, I became a slave to wearing black because it was the easiest way to get ready in the morning. There isn’t much thought to wearing black as it’s a “neutral color” and goes with everything. I believe that until the BBC’s series “What Not to Wear,” when an unsuspected fashion victim told Suzanne and Trinny that black makes her look slimmer, and they told her that it does not make her look slimmer, it makes you look like you have jaundice.” Yes while it’s true that black can make you look slimmer, but if you have bags under your eyes or didn’t get much sleep from the night before, wearing black will make people notice your bags and tired eyes. With that in mind, I slowly got myself out the black phase and became to wear other colors such as brown, blue and gray as my neutrals and discovered red, pink, purple, etc. Yes I have fallen in love with tweed both silk and wool, and cotton is my best friend as I can wash and still look great. Deep down inside I have always loved wearing dresses, but they fell out of style and recently are making a comeback into wardrobes, particularly the wrap dress.

My style should reflect my personality, and like the fact that I can walk out on a fall day on a weekend wearing wool jersey pants with a cardigan sweater, a t-shirt, and nice pair of stylish walking shoes. A tweed jacket with a pair of denim trousers, and a pair of ankle boots (I think red is great with denim). I think of a nice wool knit wrap dress with a pair of boots going out to dinner with friends, or a dinner party at a  friend’s house. I can’t forget the lounging PJs on the Sundays I don’t feel like going out, but want to treat myself to a nice and quiet day with a book, writing, or watching a good mystery.  Sophisticated, sexy, comfortable, and well put together is my personality style.  A style not created from pretension, but the way I want to live and look.


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