Having Doubts

The media reported a few days of a book about Mother Teresa and her near 50 year struggle with doubt and spiritual crisis during her work in India.  Personally, I can imagine that in the climate of death and sickness, anyone would could go through a spiritual crisis and ask question the existence of God.  In fact, her jihad (a holy struggle, not war) is something everyone who believes in God seem like a must will go through.  I can’t imagine anyone not struggling with this doubt considering with anything that happens in the world.  Death, sickness, and wars have existed since time and memorial and human beings struggle with making sense of horrific and terrible things that happens in the world.  We can’t explain why does happen such as a mother dealing with the murder of her son, or how a group of people can brutally murder almost a million people in Rwanda.

Events as I mentioned does test one’s faith, and think it’s also to say that nonbelievers struggle with wanting to believe as well, but they can’t ignore with the terrible things that exist in the world.  Although Mother Teresa struggled with her doubts, it did not dissuede her from continuing her work with people living in poverty and the sick.  Perhaps we are suppose to be good whether or not we are rewarded for it in the end.  Perhaps we are to live the best lives possible, developing a connection to others, and work to make this world a better place.  Is it possible to being as close to the divine if we only took the time and become just that?  Is this heaven on earth and are too blind to see and making an effort to bringing it forth?  Just some thoughts I have.


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