Sewing Inspiration

In my younger years, I use to read magazines like Glamour and Vogue for the latest fashion trends. Of course, I couldn’t afford the clothes that graced the pages of the magazines, but looking at out the fabulous clothes gave me inspiration to find less expensive alternatives. I started reading the magazines again long with the latest fashion magazine Lucky Magazine. Lucky is the bible shopping guide for clothes and accessories and discusses all the fashion trends.

I am not a slave to fashion and style does take precedence of my overall look. Style is important as it makes a statement to the world of who I am. The question becomes who I am and how do I want to present myself before the world. This is the reason why I wanted to learn how to sew, to create clothes that fit my style and expand my color palate as wearing black most of the time doesn’t work for me anymore (particularly when blue is my favorite color). Reading the magazines does give me inspiration to sew as I look at some of the clothes and say to myself that I can make that. So I can make that compolitan wrap dress in purple (not black), and that blue charmeuse blouse.

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