My first sewing project

Over the weekend, I made my first project by sewing an obi belt.  It did not call for a pattern and after making two belts (made a mistake with the first one), I learned how to use fusible interface and the importance of taking my time with cutting straight lines, sewing straight lines, and ironing as accurately as possible to achieve clean straight lines.  It is the reason for beginning with a belt to cut, sew, and iron and straight lines.  The second belt looks better than the first, but practice makes perfect and will sew the belt again.  The instructions stated that the project takes an hour, but I think it’s better to take the time and cut the fabric as straight and accurate as possible particularly when a patter is not used for a guide.  However, I thought about making a pattern for the belt as a guide for cutting in a straighter line (I’m left-handed and it’s always easy to achieve the straight line).

 Upon making the belt, I did have sense of achievement and satisfaction to creating something with my hands, and once I wrap the belt around my waist, not many people will notice the mistakes due to the dark color of the belt.  I am wearing something I made.  It’s not the first time, I knit plenty of hats and scarves to wear and people love them and so do I.  I will continue to sew simple projects such as straight skirts and tote bags to practice sewing straight lines before going to a better project of making coats, dresses, pants, and shirts.

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