Is creativity just for people under 35?

Soho publishing has created great magazines such as Vogue Knitting and Knit Simple for the knitting enthusiast looking for the next cool scarf or sweater.  The publishing company has created two recent magazines for knitters under 35.  While at the bookstore this afternoon, I noticed knitting books published with the assumption that the person purchasing the book is under 35.  There seems to be an undercurrent that the crafting population is this hip generation.

I understand that crocheting and knitting have become trendy over the past several years.  I crocheted as a girl and made things over the years whenever time permitted, but wanted to learn who to knit in addition and took up the knitting needles a few years ago.  I didn’t start knitting until my late-thirties, but does that mean that I am not of the hip crowd?  Does creativity diminish with age or does it flourish as one gets older?

Actually, I do not have a problem with publishing focusing on the younger market of crafters or would be crafters, but would like to see a market that does alienate the over 35 crafters that are just creative and willing to learn a new hobby.  It makes economic sense to horn in on to the over 35 market as they have more disposable income to dive into a project on the weekends.

2 responses

  1. Are you over 35? Did you touch either of those publications meant for under 35? I’m not certain what will happen to you, but I’m certain they are tracking you down as we sit here knitting and blogging.

    I’m almost close enough to touch 60…..I’m going to go to the bookstore today and buy one of those books….I’ll let you know what happens.

  2. Hi Old Knitter:

    I am approaching my 42nd birthday next month, and I do read the publications mentioned. I certainly aware that being crafty isn’t just for the young, but a younger generation happened to make crafts trendy and hope that it does not become passe again when other lose interest.

    What I find fascinating about the return to arts, crafts and even cooking is that people are becoming resourceful again primarily due to not having enough money to buy purchase the things they need. I started sewing to create the kind of warbrobe I need for work and going out, and can not affor to spend $600 on a suit, but I could make one for under $120.00. People are beginning to entertain at home because of the cost of eating out at the restaurant, it is more economical to ask friends to come over and everyone cook a dish. Which means creativity isn’t just for the young, but the resourceful and independent person.

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