Finding Time

I generally don’t write everyday, but realize that writing should be an everyday event if I only write one paragraph or sentence. I can fit writing into my schedule and eliminate activities that isn’t productive and waste time. I could write a couple of hours each night and Saturday mornings re-read my entries to see any ideas I can expand and create stories. In fact, I am processing this idea I as write. I am creating a strategy and schedule to have writing as a daily exercise along with other things in my life.

Writing doesn’t always come easy as I must find the words and phasing to express my thoughts on the page. However, I use to editing my work as I write and doesn’t hinder my writing process. I shall find the time to for reading and writing to improve my skill as a writer, and an opportunity to find my voice.

2 responses

  1. I hope writing gives you an opportunity to find your voice. Writing is a great practice. I like the idea of writing three pages a day even if that means just keeping them to oneself and putting all your frustrations on to the page. I started this practice and discover that I would wake up with entire poems or painting created in my mind. It boasted my creativity.


  2. I find that people or things gives me a great source of inspiration for creativity. Particularly listening to conversations of others, and it leads me to think of other possibilities. However, I do write down my ideas because my mind will store it in my brain, and my little notebook has become my best friend. Finding inspiration from things in the world gives me a wealth of material to write about and create different ideas or have a different perspective. Thank you for your contribution to my blog. It’s great to share ideas and perspectives with other people, there is a connection with others who love or want to create.

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