While commuting to work this morning, I came up with an idea for a story after reading an article in What is Enlightenment Magazine and thought about a conversation with person who seems to be going through a identity crisis and doesn’t realize it.  This person is irony incarnate with living in denial and perhaps oblivious to his being.  I said perhaps because I do not know if he sincerely oblivious or just willfully living in denial as a way to shield himself from facing some harsh realities about his life.  However, I am thinking sincerely oblivious or living in denial are possible one in the same as both acts result in as a defense mechanism.

Either way, I think is a theme to write about in a story line.  An existential crisis is certainly not a new theme as the subject has been covered in many books and movies, but there is always different twist to a story.  I can make this character based on an actual person and attempt to write how it could relate to the reader or least entertain him or her reading the story.  I don’t want to write about new age, but the irony.  How can a person who studied transpersonal psychology is completely incapable of figuring out his or her own existence and make an attempt to show someone else the way?  Perhaps transpersonal psychology doesn’t really work if the very people who practice can’t seem to grasp the concept and there is the underling question that I have to seem to have a complete disregard for empathy.  Perhaps that is something to explore in writing.

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