Fashion Sense

I love fashion, although my current warbrobe could use a transfusion of color and style reflecting my personality. I watch reality shows such as “What Not to Wear” and lately “Project Runway.” People who are generally fashion challenged have the excuse of saying that they do not care what other people think about the way they look. However, the question the person should ask him or herself, do I care how I look. I believe what you feel on the inside is reflected the outside. Having a disheveled look would typical mean disorganized and out of sort, it also means that a person does not care about his or her appearance. There are days when I do not feel like dressing, but solved that problem by not going out and have my moment of messiness. However, when I go out there into the world, I want to dress my best because it simply makes me feel great about myself.

I also learned over the years that it’s best to dress the body you have at the moment. Trying on clothes and shoes are important to a proper fit. This means making a trip to the store and trying to see what fits best to your body type. Finding a tailor for a better fit can improve the way clothes look on your body.


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