Saturday’s Idea

Going to the movies, running errands, or shopping are typical activities one pursue on Saturdays.  Saturday is the day when most people have to do all things they were unable to do during the week due to working.  My Saturdays include surfing on the web and reading blogs, or checking out fabric and yarn online shops.  I received my Adorn Magazine and decided to look at some websites I found in articles, suggestions of the contributing writers,  and advertisements and decide to either add to my bookmarks or nix all together.  I get inspiration from reading other people’s blogs of things they created or how I can do things differently with my knitting or sewing.

I think of the perfect Saturday that does not require me even leaving the house.  I start my day by getting out of bed. taking a get shower, and making breakfast.  Coffee usually gets my day going and Saturday is no exception to that ritual.  In the perfect Saturday, my home is clean making it easier for me to get on with the things I enjoy doing such as sewing a new dress, knitting a new bag to go with dress, and ending the day with reading book and writing.

There is nothing more perfect to doing the thing you love do on a Saturday than running an errand or spending a few hours shopping with a family member or friend who will purchase the most unflattering clothes for their body shape.  Not a perfect Saturday for me, but making a great outfit that looks good on me is the creme da la creme of perfect Saturdays.

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