Becoming Crafty

A few years, I decided to learn how to knit in addition to crocheting.  It took me a little time, but finally able to learn the knit and purl stitch along with casting on and binding off to knit my first scarf.  I have made three or four scarves, one as circular wrap and three hats.  Now I am able to knit a few pieces of accessories including a couple of PDA covers, a bag, and belt.  I even knitted a small version of a sweater to see if I could craft an article of clothing, and will one day finally knit my first sweater.  A month ago, I decided to add on to the fiber arts by teaching myself how to sew as a necessity because I need to new clothes and do not have the financial wherewithal to afford the warbrobe I desire.

I believe creativity comes from the need to create with limited resources.  There are times when creativity and resourcefulness comes hand-in-hand.  Necessity is the mother of invention and has become a way for individuals to create and make when money is not always available.  However, creating is an outlet for those to relief stress and I fit into the category of not having enough money and relieving stress.  I also tend to have an independent spirit and the need to create gives me satisfacation because it is a sense of accomplishment.  I suppose that is what becoming crafty means, creating, satisfaction, and accomplishment.

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