This morning, I daydreamed about a dress I saw one of my co-workers wore a few weeks agao.  It was a white dress with a slash and white buttons at the bottom of the dress.  I image other ideas about the dress such as beading with a blue or silver belt, and blue or silver accessories.  I thought of the dress being a-line or slightly gored at the bottom with flower appliques with the top of the dress with a scoop or square and a couple of rows of beading.  The material, a heavy cotton or dupioni silk, the color, a light blue, green (possibly a blue green color), and white.  I imagine the dress could be worn to any event from a tea party to a wedding, or possibly as a wedding dress for a second marriage, or an older bride who does not desire to wear that princess gown but something elegant yet simple.

I find my daydreams amazing as I dream of things that I do not in real life.   Such I can not draw very well, yet I can visualize that dress in my head.  I think about things I could improve on or see them differently.  I do not think that there that many oringial ideas, but we certainly can expand upon existing ideas and make things differently.  My day dreams gives me an opportunity to think of myriad possiblities of seeing things differently, yet day dreams are not impossible to translate into the reality.  I could sew such a dress with a simple pattern and embellish it by creating a different dress that is unique.

The other part of my daydream is writing.  I created a persona of fashionista/writer.  By day, I create great clothing and by night a fiction writer with a pen name so that it does not interfere with the day job.  This lead me to write on my blog this morning.  Writing gives me an opportunity to think ideas through and explore the possiblities.  Of course, I this does not mean I will be a famous fashionista, but at least create a warbrode that reflects my personality and style.  Either way, it is a change to exercise my creativity and make the realization that I am more creativity than I believed.  There are times when I think there is not a creative bone in my body until I begin to daydream and the creativity shines through and lights up mind.  Daydreaming is not frivilous exercise or a colossal or inordinate waste of time.  On the contrary, I find daydreaming a useful practice of exploring creativity that could lead to the next big thing, or at least doing something that a person wanted to do.


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